Is your kitchen outdated and in dire need of a facelift? Then take a look at this article to learn more about the latest trends to help you find ideas that are right for your space. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it is important for it to match your style and your lifestyle. When you are ready to create an affordable kitchen, Perth business Kitchen Switch will be waiting for you.


As the kitchen is the centre of your home, the colour choice you make will determine the style for the rest of the house. In recent times black and charcoal monochromatic kitchens have become more popular with white on its way out. Monochromatic kitchens look very elegant and stylish and are often used in modern homes. For people with a braver colour palette, bold colours are becoming more popular, and the two-tone look is garnering some attention. For this look, two contrasting colours are chosen, and this forms the basis of the colour scheme.


For a more rustic look, painted cabinets and furniture paired with beautiful natural materials such as wood and marble create a minimalistic but still homey feeling kitchen.


Taps have recently been taking centre stage in the kitchen, with new technology such as hot water taps proving to be a very useful and fun addition to the home. Statement taps are also being used to complement the space and centre the kitchen.


Storage can feel like an ever-constant struggle, and if you don’t get it right, it can make you feel overwhelmed in your kitchen. To avoid this, consider what type of storage would suit your needs. If you like to have your pantry on display, then consider an open pantry. This popular retro idea gives a nod to times before refrigeration and is now often used for dry goods. When dealing with small spaces, open storage can also be a lifesaver as it utilises wall space and can create interest in your kitchen. For all of the extra bits and bobs and large items which you don’t want to have on show, concealed storage is your best friend. It decreases clutter and will always be on trends because of its usefulness.

Matching your kitchen with your lifestyle

With living areas becoming smaller and smaller as apartment living becomes more popular, flexible layouts are being created. This includes hidden kitchens, which are becoming hugely popular as they allow you to have a kitchen, without sacrificing space for when you want to entertain. Kitchen islands which double as a dinner table are also trendy as a designated dining room area is becoming less available in smaller homes. Another popular shift has been moving the kitchen closer to the outdoor space. This not only makes use of the natural light but can also be great when entertaining in the warmer months.