Here in beautiful Perth, Western Australia, our climate allows us to be outside for most of the year, making an alfresco kitchen an excellent addition to any home.


From a basic outdoor kitchen with only a barbecue, sink and fridge to an outdoor chef’s kitchen, take your garden to the next level and read our guide about everything you need to create the perfect alfresco kitchen.


Where will you put it?

Take time to consider the best place for your Perth outdoor kitchen. Think of it as an extension of your home and try to blur the lines between inside and outside. Locating your alfresco kitchen near your indoor kitchen or main living space is a good idea, as you then have easy access to water, gas, and electricity.


What appliances will you choose?

It’s easy to get caught up in fancy materials and the latest finishes. Remember, above all else, functionality is essential. Popular alfresco kitchen appliances include:


  • Range hoods (necessary if your outdoor kitchen is undercover).
  • A pizza oven
  • A gas stovetop
  • A fridge
  • Built-in BBQs.


We recommend writing a wish list and prioritise your appliances according to your budget. Don’t choose the cheapest option and cram as much in as possible. Instead, focus on a good design and quality products.



The area needs to be functional and easy to use. Plenty of bench space is a bonus, so you can always consider choosing a smaller sink. This will make room for more bench space. Also, we love drawers as they allow you to maximise storage space (you can never have enough storage space!).


The layout should follow the traditional ‘triangle’ design found in internal kitchens, making it easy to move between the fridge, BBQ, and sink.



There are plenty of choices available for outdoor cabinetry and benchtops. Glass doors are durable but can be challenging to keep clean. Solid timber is beautiful; just remember to choose a wood that is rated for outdoor use. Polished metal is functional, easy to clean, and modern. Whatever cabinetry you choose, make sure it is fit for purpose.



Look for durability above all. Granite, engineered stone, and stainless steel are popular choices (stainless steel will scratch over time).


Weather-proof the area

Look at how you can weather the overall space. Consider adding a ceiling fan and wall heater to combat the warm and cool weather. Think about whether you can add blinds to keep flies and rain out.


Why choose Kitchen Switch for your alfresco kitchen?

We are passionate about designing and installing alfresco kitchens in Perth and can’t wait to talk to you about your project.


Kitchen Switch can help you design the perfect alfresco kitchen to suit your space, lifestyle and budget. If you would like to talk to us about how we can help design and install an alfresco kitchen in your home, contact us today or pop into our local Perth showroom to arrange a free consultation.