The kitchen is the heart of the home. There’s nothing better than ripping apart an old, out-of-date kitchen and installing a fresh, modern, shiny one. But what about if you’re on a budget? The good news is that kitchen renovations can be done on a budget, and they can be done well.


Why should you consider renovating your kitchen?

As a central gathering place for the family, small or large, the kitchen is the home’s focal point.

It’s where family and friends meet during parties, where midnight feasts happen, where homework’s finished, and decisions are made.


Renovating your kitchen can:


  • Improve functionality and eliminate inconvenience
  • Create a space that works better for your family
  • Match and reflect your personal style
  • Reinvigorate a passion for cooking
  • Boost your home’s value.


Kitchen renovation solutions

There are three main ways to have your kitchen installed, and each comes with a different price point.


  1. Do it yourself by ordering and installing a flatpack kitchen, bringing in specialist trades as needed (plumber, tiler, etc.).
  2. Organise a cabinetmaker to do most of the installation, bringing in specialist trades as needed (plumber, tiler, etc.).
  3. Engage an experienced kitchen renovation solutions company to handle the whole process for you.


Create your renovation budget

Before you go running out choosing cabinet colours and benchtops, it’s essential to know how much money you have to spend. Write a wish list and prioritise your ‘must-haves and your ‘negotiables.’

This will help you stick to your budget and not blow all your money on an impulse buy!


Research appliance costs and take advantage of the end-of-year sales. Once you have made your selections, stick with them. Changing your mind about cabinet or benchtop choices halfway through the renovation will be costly and add extra time to the project.


If you are using a kitchen renovation company, be clear about how much money you can afford, and talk openly and honestly about your expectations from the project/


Map out a project timeline

Creating a timeline for the project allows you to plan for extra costs. If it looks like you will be without a functioning kitchen for over a week, you’ll need to arrange for alternative cooking methods like using your BBQ or getting takeaway. If there are significant structural changes to the room, like having a wall removed, you may need to move out for a week or so – make sure to budget for this.


Be flexible with your choices

While you may have your eye on the latest standalone cooker or built-in compost bin, remember that the kitchen has to work as a whole. You want your renovation to create a space that has a cohesive style, with functionality as its key purpose.


Talk to an expert

We always recommend talking to a professional before undertaking a significant renovation. This can help avoid costly mistakes when renovating and give insight into how to make your project a success. A free consultation can be worth its weight in gold.


Why choose Kitchen Switch for your kitchen renovation solution?

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen in Perth, Kitchen Switch will help you find the perfect solution for your project. We’ll help you design the ideal kitchen to suit your home, lifestyle, and budget.


Want to talk to us about how we can design and install a kitchen in your home? Contact us today or pop into our local Perth showroom to arrange a free consultation.