Kitchens are the most popular room to be renovated, with homeowners deciding to renovate their homes instead of purchasing new ones, as it would be more affordable than moving. Although you don’t have to break the bank for a kitchen renovation, you do have to take care when doing so. Here are some common challenges renovators come across, and our tips on how to resolve them.

Refusing Help From Professionals

While it’s tempting to use your skills and experience to design and renovate your kitchen completely on your own, expert advice is always helpful, especially when it comes to DIY kitchen renovations. A professional can work with you to craft a kitchen that is suited uniquely to your needs and situation. Best of all, they can offer advice that could save you from potentially risky situations – whether that be purchasing products and materials that aren’t well-suited to a kitchen, or even with designing a kitchen that doesn’t maximise space.

There’s no harm in receiving an evaluation and some design assistance, especially when many home centres offer free consultations.

Going For What’s On Trend

The life of a design trend is usually five years – but you’ll be keeping your kitchen much longer than that. If you align permanent kitchen pieces, such as benchtops and cabinets, with what’s on trend, you may find yourself wanting to redo your kitchen sooner than expected.

Not only may the kitchen go out of trend, but should you choose to sell your home, you may find that the value decreases as your kitchen may feel dated.

If you’d like to stay with what’s on trend – choose pieces that can easily be replaced, such as window treatments and cushions. However, creating a timeless kitchen would be a wiser idea than a trendy one.

Going Overbudget

Many kitchen renovators find themselves going overbudget during the process. They may come across unexpected costs, such as wood rot, water damage, or surprise pipe replacements. Whilst you don’t want to completely overextend yourself, it’s important to pad your budget so that should these situations arise, you’ll have the funds to respond to them.


Kitchens need to serve as both aesthetic and functional rooms and as such, need to be designed with efficiency in mind. A good way to do so is by positioning the kitchen’s busiest areas – the sink, stove and refridgerator – in a way that ensures a smooth workflow for those using them. Simply having kitchen cabinets, durable materials and quality appliances isn’t enough – the space needs to be maximised for efficiency.

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