Other than the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house. If yours needs an overhaul, 2021 might be the right time for you! There are lots of reasons people decide to renovate and upgrade their bathrooms.


COVID-19 has seen us spending more time at home, meaning we are spending even more time in the bathroom! If you are tired of looking at outdated colour schemes or need to update worn and tatty cabinetry, read on.


Here are our 5 reasons to renovate your bathroom in 2021.


Avocado green is out of fashion

Okay, so you may not have an avocado green toilet and bathtub (lucky you), but an outdated bathroom can age your home. Bathrooms are often the last room to renovate due to the juggling it takes to work out how you can renovate and still get clean and because they are commonly believed to be too expensive to renovate.


But even a small bathroom renovation can make a massive difference to the functionality and feel of your home. In 2021, popular bathroom designs include contemporary elements such as natural materials, brushed metals, and textured tiles and patterns. A neutral palette is timeless and allows you to add style through bright accessories.


Wear and tear are causing problems

A small leak can cause significant damage over a long time. Been ignoring peeling paint on the other side of the walls to the bathroom? Now is the time to address the issue. Renovating your bathroom allows you to fix the problem with the added bonus of allowing you to plan ahead to decrease the likelihood of further problems down the road.


If you’re adjusting electrical components, it is the perfect time to add a dimmer switch to create ambience and a heater to keep you warm in winter.


To increase your home’s value

Renovating your bathroom can help your increase your home’s value significantly. You may not be intending to sell your house but knowing that you have increased the equity in your home makes any bathroom renovation worthwhile.


Add extra storage space

This may not immediately spring to mind but creating extra storage space in your bathroom will help keep your counter space clear of clutter for a sleek, modern look. Consider adding shelving, custom cupboards, or even storage cubbies to hide everything from laundry baskets and towels to toiletries.


Introduce technology

Bathrooms are getting smarter as technology continues to evolve. Digital shower panels offer control over temperature and flow, infrared sensors can turn on mirror lights, and radiant flooring and adjustable heated towel racks add a level of luxury. Sound exciting? It is!


Why choose Kitchen Switch for your kitchen renovation solution?

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